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when i saw arctic monkeys i got to the venue 5 hours early but no one was there yet so i walked around a bit and i saw alex eating a croissant

It's impossible not to feel inferior. Answer:



What a wild story.


Alex: Mountain Dew's fantastic I only just found it yesterday

Jamie: I'm not a fan

Interviewer: Do they not have Mountain Dew in Sheffield?

Jamie: They used to

Alex: When they did I weren't so obsessed. I bought a bottle of it yesterday and weren't as pleased with the one I had in here last night. I had one in here with dinner last night, they've got a good mixing here I think I don't know if it's the ice or what. Certainly is nice here.

Jamie: No I'm not a fan

Alex: You gotta try it

Jamie: But I don't like fizzy pop!

Alex: But it's not even that fizzy just have a try of it I swear it's good. There's only one Mountain Dew left you can have it